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Yoga has been a passion of mine for quite some time now. Being a gymnast as a child and young adult, flexibility and functional movement were always a pivotal part of my workout regimen. So naturally I looked for a way to continue that into adulthood. I have been a yoga instructor for 5 years now and have practiced yoga for over 15 years. I have focused my practice on two styles, Vinyasa and Hatha yoga. I have constructed a practice that blends the two fluidly to not only work on strength and flexibility but also to enhance our core strength, balance and mobility. As we age, balance and mobility diminishes greatly putting us at risk for injuries from falls or lack of mobility in our joints. Encouraging a practice that strengthens the two is important to me. I also put an emphasis on not only stretching the muscles but also concentrating on the tendons. This puts us in restorative state and helps prevent injury in people who lift, or overwork certain muscle groups due to occupation or sports training. We not only work the body but we also focus on connecting our breathing and concentration to the muscle being worked. This allows us to so learn to relax the muscle, allowing us to fall deeper into the stretch with each breath. This, coupled with our breathing, releases the energy that is stored there that can cause tightness and pain. Yoga is a healing experience that brings alignment to the mind, body and spirit. It is a constant work in progress.  Yoga allows you start right where you are and practice in your space effectively and grow each and every time you take your place on the mat. I look forward to meeting you there and growing our practice together! 

Holly Gookin